And so…it begins

I have no idea how one begins their first blog post. I imagine it starts the same way I started my first novel, with an idea and this wild belief that it could turn into something more. Although, I’m really hoping that’s all this website shares with my first novel, which was a disaster on wheels that will never see the light of day. Ever.


By the way. This is me. I always lean casually against trees for pictures. Doesn’t everyone? I’m a twenty-something in denial that I just turned thirty. After six years of teaching seventh grade English to some of the best kids on the planet, I’m taking a break to be a full-time mom and writer. I live in Zionsville, Indiana with my handsome husband Josh, my daughter London and two opinionated bulldogs.

This corner of the internet is going to be a place to document my journey as a real honest to goodness author. A title I never thought I’d actually get to claim. If I could go back and tell my twelve-year-old self this is actually happening, she’d never believe it. Well, actually she would. Twelve-year-old me was quite the dreamer, even back then. She always had her nose in a book and her head in the clouds. Her style was questionable, and her hair was down right awful. Sigh. I really liked her. But, back to this website. My hope is that it will have everything from teacher-resources to posts about my life, books (both mine and those that I love), my kids, and my bulldogs might even make an appearance. Who knows.

Side note-Please be forgiving of typos or accidental misspellings. Although I did spend six years of my life as an English teacher, I’m still painfully human. Oh, and I have a one year old. Which means time is at a premium around here. If I waste it stressing about comma placement and improper preposition usage, this website will never have anything new or interesting on it. Now that the awkward website first date is out of the way, on to the good stuff.


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