Camp Post

Hi Friends!

So I had big aspirations of writing an entire summer camp related blog post to help promote FLOAT  full of lots of embarrassing pictures of myself at camp like this one. (I’m the one in the “cool” sweatband.)

Or maybe this one.

Hello 90’s style.  Nice to see you. (*waves)
Socks and sandals?  Check
Baggy overalls?   Check
WWJD bracelet on my wrist? Check
Headband to hold back the bangs I was attempting to grow out? Check.
Making a weird face in an attempt to look funny and cool?  Check


Or maybe even this gem. Because honestly…my sense of style back then could NOT be denied. (Remember how cool butterfly clips were? I do.)

But then my AMAZING editor asked me to write two camp related things to help market FLOAT. And of course, I said yes. So I decided to kill two birds with one stone and post them here for your reading enjoyment!

The first was a letter that would go out to camp directors across the U.S.   I wrote the letter, and then asked if I could doodle on the letter for fun. Marketing liked the idea, so I started doodling.  But guys, when you HAVE to doodle…doodles suddenly become stressful.  I doodled. I doodled some more. I had multiple doodle options to choose from.  I asked for opinions and then doodled some more.  And then trying to figure out how to get a crisp copy back to marketing was extra tricky.  BUT. We got it done. So here it is!

The second thing I was asked to write was a blog post for the HarperCollins blog about what to bring to camp. (Because as evidenced by this incredibly flattering picture of me posing with my little brother while holding a rat…I’m kind of a summer camp expert.)

Upon receiving the email with the request, I immediately thought that writing a post about what NOT to bring would be so much more interesting.  SO, that’s what I did.

Click the picture below to enjoy! (Feel free to pin this sage advice to Pinterest or share to Facebook…because really, you may be saving someone from getting poison ivy between their toes. Consider it a service to humanity.)

Disclaimer:  I asked permission from my best friend (the one on the far right in the first picture) for permission before sending these camp pictures out into the world. And because she loves me, she said yes.

And for those interested, I am pictured at Camp Roger in all these photos.

It is the best summer camp ever. All my kids will go when they are old enough. And many many MANY of the camp details that show up in FLOAT were pulled directly from my experiences every summer at this camp.