T’was the Night Before a Book Launch…

Twas the night before FLOAT launched and all through the house
Everything was prepped and ready- I’m no slouch.

The s’mores were all packed by my author bag with care
It’s a little confusing, because usually I have dinosaurs sitting there.

The children were all settled, snug in their beds,
While visions of grandma visiting danced in their heads.

With excitement and anxiety, at my laptop I did tap,
Wishing that I could send FLOAT to the best sellers list with a snap.


Out on the blog-o-sphere there wasn’t much chatter,
Because when it comes to social media, middle grade doesn’t really matter.

Off to my author’s website I clicked in a flash,
A new blog post I would type up in a dash.

When inside my head, there arose such a clatter,
What if nobody likes FLOAT? Will this book even matter?

All of my old worries began to appear,
What if it gets awful reviews? Words can be painful. Oh dear, oh dear.

But then I remembered that not long ago,
Writing books was just a dream I was trying to sew.

So I sat up, gave myself a good mental kick,
It will be fine, I told myself. FLOAT is slick.

More rapid than my anxieties, my blessings came.
And I nodded and remembered and called them by name.

To the top of the best sellers list, or on no list at all,
I no longer cared, because I get to write books which is such a ball.

Over the keyboard my fingers did fly,
I typed up the rest of a silly poem and looked to the sky.

For I know someone greater has a plan for my life,
So a bad review or two won’t cause any strife.

I posted the poem and turned out the light,
Happy FLOAT launch to all, and to all a good night.

Thanks for hanging with that one all the way to the end!  There is a reason that I write middle grade and NOT poetry.

But in all seriousness, FLOAT is about to hit the shelves, and I am equal parts elated and terrified. I hope you love it. I hope you tell your friends about it. I hope you buy it for a kid headed to camp this summer. I hope all sorts of hopes. Big hopes. Little hopes. Hopes I don’t even want to say out loud for fear of jinxing myself.

And while I’m over here hoping and not sleeping because my brain refuses to turn off the night before a book launch, I wanted to let you know how you could win this AWESOME t-shirt and some s’more treats. 

How do you win?  It’s easy.  Post a picture of yourself or your kiddo, heck, even your dog with FLOAT on Instagram or Facebook. If you post to Instagram use the  hashtag #WhereDoYouFLOAT.   If you post to Facebook, just tag me! I’m on Facebook as LauraMartinBooks.

Want a bonus entry? Write a review for FLOAT on Amazon!

I’ll pick a winner in two weeks!

I may even be persuaded to pick more than one winner (I may have gone overboard ordering T-shirts) if there are a lot of creative posts!