Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I found a different cover for your book on Amazon. Is that book two? Or is it the paperback version of book one?


A. What you found is the UK version of the cover. Scary isn’t it! In the UK my book is marketed as a Young Adult book, but here in the States it is considered Middle Grade. Which just means that ALL ages enjoy a good dinosaur adventure.

Q. When does book two Edge of Extinction-Code Name Flood come out?


A. May 30, 2017. You can pre-order it now!

Q. Is there going to be a (insert long complicated dinosaur name here) in Edge of Extinction-Code Name Flood?

A. Read it and find out! (Insert Evil Villain Laugh here.)

Q. Would you come visit my school?

A. I’d LOVE to! Talk to your Media Specialist! They are the super heros that make author’s visits happen.

Q. I want to get a signed copy of your book. How do I do that?

A. If you don’t have the opportunity to come to a book signing, there is a way to get a signed and personalized copy of my book! The 4Kids Bookstore is providing signed and personalized copies of book one RIGHT NOW and will  be providing signed copies of book two when it comes out in May. Here is their contact information:

4Kids Books and Toys

Q. Is there going to be a third Edge of Extinction book?

A.  When I sold Edge of Extinction to HarperCollins back in 2014 it was a little on the long side, and they had me split my original manuscript in two. The first half became Edge of Extinction-The Ark Plan and the second half became Edge of Extinction-Code Name Flood. So The Ark Plan left you hanging a bit because its ending was actually THE MIDDLE OF THE ORIGINAL BOOK! Sorry about that! But! Code Name Flood wraps up all the questions and mysteries. Would I LOVE to write another one? Definitely. Is that in the plans at the moment? No. But never say never.

Q. Is your book going to be made into a movie?

A. Not yet! But if you know Steven Spielberg, feel free to slide him a copy!