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As we cruise towards the official release day for Edge of Extinction-The Ark Plan (we’re in single digits now people! This is big!), I wanted to pop in to post a few of the reviews that have rolled in lately. I’m VERY happy with them!

(On a side note, having your book reviewed is like allowing someone to publicly state how much they like your child. So… incredibly nerve wracking.)

Here is the first from the School Library Journal:
Gr 4-6-
Sky Mundy has heard all her life how the Noah saved the citizens of the United States from extinction during the Dinosauria Pandemic, getting them into the old nuclear bomb shelters that were safe from ferocious dinosaurs and the fatal virus they carry. But Sky sees the dark side of the Noah’s Marine enforcers. She is singled out because she is an orphan and thus a burden (though she refuses to acknowledge that her father, missing for five years, is dead), and her life is a litany of work details and isolation in the Guardian Wing of the North Compound. Sky desperately hopes for word from her absent father, and finally, on her 12th birthday, her best friend Shawn finds a clue hidden in the compass Sky’s father gave her just before he disappeared. With that information, Sky decides it’s time to go “topside” to look for her missing dad. Shawn helps her make a daring escape from the compound, and the two discover that the world outside is not as they were led to believe. There are certainly dinosaurs, and most of them are out to make Sky and Shawn dinner. But there are also people living topside, not to mention fresh food and fresh air. In this clever take on Michael Crichton’s Jurassic Park, the tale is reimagined on a worldwide scale. The characters are developed, and the postapocalyptic world is well imagined and replete with detail. The plot moves forward briskly, with a few good twists, and the ending sets up neatly for a sequel. Nonstop action, marauding dinosaurs, and kids on the run: What’s not to like? VERDICT This is a great buy for the sci-fi adventure-loving crowd.-Gretchen Crowley, Alexandria City Public Libraries, VA

Here is the second from the  Bulletin for the Center of Children’s Books:
R Gr. 4-7
In a future where bioengineered dinosaurs dominate the earth, twelve-year-old orphan Sky Mundy survives, along with the rest of the supposed last of the human race, in rigidly controlled underground compounds. A message from her presumed- dead father, though, soon sends her out into the dangerous upside with best friend Shawn in tow, but the pair quickly realizes they aren’t prepared to survive the great outdoors. Fortunately they are rescued from a T. rex attack by young Todd, who leads them back to his hidden village in the trees. After being attacked by marines from the compound, the three adventurers journey north, but their expedition may uncover more secrets than they expected, including clues to a dangerous truth compound leaders will kill to keep hidden. This gripping survival adventure offers readers a potent mix of creative setting, edge-of-your-seat plotting, and admirable heroes. The world building is particularly strong, balancing the campy, the ter- rifying, and the dystopian, with plenty of engaging details like dinosaur pets and a treehouse worthy of the Swiss Family Robinson. Sky and friends are equally appealing, bringing their own strengths and foibles to the mix. Perfect for readers who have carried their love of dinosaurs into middle school, the novel is also a strong fit for readers who want dystopias but aren’t quite ready for the bleakness of The Hunger Games. Unresolved mysteries and a few surprising last-minute reveals leave plenty for the adventurers to learn in expected sequels and will leave readers hungry for more. AM

Not bad right? Here’s hoping that everyone else agrees!

I also wanted to share an article recently done by Illiana Christian High School’s newspaper The Echo. I was interviewed by the talented Kassidy Weemhoff, Arts Editor extraordinaire and the following article was the result. (Click on the ARTS PAGE hyperlink to see it. For some reason the file isn’t playing nice with my computer!)

I will be back soon to post about the awesome event I participated in at Carmel High School called Writing Con last week.


I got to meet so many amazing authors, and it was capped off with my first honest to goodness author event at Barnes & Noble! (Spoiler, it was surreal, and even though I tried to play it cool, I totally wasn’t.)


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