A New Arrival…and a few reviews!

Hi Friends,

So…long silence over here on the blog. I apologize. Life has been busy! Although, as I type that, I realize that life has been in a constant state of busy for…well…ever, so I guess I really have no excuse. Is anyone else like that out there? Constantly working on a to-do list that seems to get longer by the day? Memo to self-slow down sometime soon. Although, that may be a while since our baby boy decided to throw my whole “get-stuff-done” schedule on its head when he arrived almost three weeks early!


Welcome to the world Lincoln! We couldn’t be more excited you’re here!


So please forgive me for long periods of silence over here as I adjust to this new normal! People survive two kids all the time…right?!


Meanwhile there have been some exciting things happening with Edge of Extinction! I got my VERY FIRST REVIEW! This was equal parts terrifying and exciting. Especially since it was a Kirkus Review and they have a reputation for not holding any punches! Here is the link!

My first review was followed closely by my second review. Here

I couldn’t be happier with these two. Fingers crossed for more good reviews in the future!

And wish me luck!  Getting work done with two kids is going to be a whole different ball game!


2 thoughts on “A New Arrival…and a few reviews!

  1. Laura! I ran across your blog thinking about my teaching life this morning and wondering how you were doing and WOW! I remember reading a draft you sent for review years ago Yes. I still have your number, but Google searching is much more… eh, creepy?! Ha. Anyways, many congrats for all these good things. I’d love to catch up sometime in the space between that never seems to allow. We could use our phones for that 😉



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