I’ve wanted to write a blog for over five years now. Ever since I stumbled across an amazing one and got addicted to reading the content every day. I’d find myself doing DIY projects around my house and narrating how I’d write them up on my “imaginary” blog.  Dorky? Oh yes.

I even started up one, wrote one post with a random picture of my dog on it (translation: ridiculously lame) and then chickened out. For one thing, putting a blog out there is a lot like waiting to get picked for a team in P.E. class. You wonder if you’re “worth” someone choosing and then you wonder if you really want to know. For another I noticed that most of the bloggers I enjoyed following had some MAJOR photography chops. Something I am sadly lacking but am going to make an effort to improve.  I also told myself that any time I spent writing blog posts would be better spent  writing and getting a novel published.  So, on the shelf went my blog idea….of course until I started this little corner of the internet.

But while I was avoiding blogging myself, I did develop a very serious blog addiction. In fact I let all my magazine subscriptions lapse because blogs were just so much better. And FREE!  So in the interest of sharing some of my favorite sources of inspiration here they are in no particular order! Enjoy!

#1. Young House Love.   These guys were in a league of their own when they were blogging. They were the first blog I came across which led me to the other blogs I would eventually follow. Sadly, they stopped blogging over a year ago now, but their website is still up and their archives are a literal treasure trove of DIY know-how.  They also have a new book coming out that I will be buying the day it drops. Yes. They are THAT good.


#2. Bower Power.  I found Katie Bower through a mention on Young House Love, and I will cry if she ever stops blogging. She is HILARIOUS and manages to accomplish some major DIY projects all while raising  four adorable little boys.


#3. Meg Duerksen.   When I mentioned the photography chops, this lady comes to mind. She is so creative and positive and her posts just make me happy. They also make me want to craft. Go check it out, and you’ll see what I mean. ( As a side note: the name of her blog Whatever is also based off of one of my favorite Bible verses. Ten points if you know the verse JUST from the word Whatever.) IMG_9268(pp_w775_h547)

#4. Janet Reid.  This is by far the best blog for writers out there…in my humble option. As a top literary agent Ms. Reid delivers priceless advice for would-be writers all with a side of dry-humor that will keep you smiling. She also runs a second blog, because yes, she’s THAT good.  It’s called Query Shark, and this one is a must-read for writers who are attempting to create a query letter. She takes submissions from writers and then critiques the query, telling in detail what worked and what didn’t. When I was trying to write the dreaded query letter (blog post to come on that whole messy process), I spent hours upon hours reading the archives of this blog. They were all hours VERY well spent.

#5. The Freckled-Fox.  This is one I just recently stumbled across. Emily is not only beautiful but she has this positive outlook on life that is contagious. She has five kiddos all five and under…think on that one for a second…and still manages to make time to put together an amazing blog. It’s worth checking out for her hair tutorials alone.




So there you have it!  I feel as though I should apologize for the HOURS of time you will probably spend getting lost in the labyrinth of creativity these ladies have produced. But I won’t. Because I know you’re going to love every minute of it. You’re welcome.

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