About Laura

Laura Martin believes in chasing her dreams and she brought that philosophy to her classroom for six years as a seventh grade English teacher.  Edge of Extinction-The Ark Plan is Laura’s first novel—and a dream come true. When she isn’t writing stories about dinosaurs and underground civilizations, she can be found in the Indianapolis area with her dashing husband, Josh, her four adorable kids and an opinionated bulldog.


If you would like to contact Laura, please send her an email at LauraMartinBooks@gmail.com.

Unofficial Bio

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Laura Martin comes from a long line of garbage men who worked hard and wore excessive amounts of gold jewelry. And she’s darn proud of it. But, after many summers spent filing garbage-related files, working dispatch for roll-off containers, selling dumpsters, working in a landfill scale house and answering phone calls from angry customers who thought the raccoon that got into their garbage was somehow her problem…she knew it wasn’t for her.

What Laura really wanted to be was a vet. That clearly didn’t work out. Mainly because while her brain does great things with words and writing, it refuses, flat out, to comprehend math. Her SAT scores were so uneven it was comical. But not really. So…realizing that God gives us gifts for a reason, she went to Butler University for Education to be an English teacher. Then, at the last minute, she decided to tack a Creative Writing major on as well. Because she was raised by a frugal Dutchman so two majors for the price of one just made sense.

The double major also fit her obnoxious over-acheiver MO. She’d spent most of her childhood tackling challenges that were a bit over her head. Some of those challenges turned out well- she was the first girl pole vaulter at her high school and even managed to place at State. From this she learned the value of hard work, and the pain of a few too many concussions. Some of the challenges she took on didn’t end so well- the French Horn was a disaster. So were the six plus years of German that resulted in her ability to ask, in German, where the toilet was. And that’s pretty much all she can ask.

After graduating college with her two for the price of one majors, Laura taught for six years in Carmel, Indiana and loved it. If she hadn’t had her daughter followed quickly by a book deal, she would still be teaching today. But babies don’t stay babies forever, and she realized a long time ago that you CAN do ANYTHING you want…but you can’t do everything. And this mom gig is just too important to mess with. That, and when one finally catches a dream they’ve been chasing for YEARS, one gives it every ounce of their available non-mom time. At least, that’s Laura’s philosophy.

Laura now lives in the Indianapolis area with her high school sweetheart and four kids that exhaust her while simultaneously making her life better in every possible way. She loves going for a long run while listening to an audiobook, and spending time at her family’s lake house.

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52 thoughts on “About Laura

  1. greetings Laura my name is Alan wilcox and i was wondering is your new dinosaur novel going to be a war story between dinosaurs and humans or not and what species are going to be in this novel 1. will there be any sauropods?, will there be a spinosaurus?, will there be any ceratopsians, will there be any duck bills and will the villain be a dinosaur or a human please give the answer soon thank you


    • Hi Alan!
      Thank you for your interest in my book! Edge of Extinction isn’t about a war between the dinosaurs and humans, but it is about humans fighting for survival in a world that has been taken over by the dinosaurs. There is definitely a Spinosaurus (he’s loud and proud on the cover of the book!) and there are a lot of other dinosaurs featured as well, including sauropods. The duck bill dinosaurs also make an appearance, but not until book two! As far as the villain…I feel I can’t answer that one without giving too much of the book away! You’ll have to read it and see for yourself! You sound very knowledgeable about dinosaurs,and I think you’ll enjoy the story! Thanks for commenting Alan!


      • Dear Alan. I just read this book and I can recommend it. It’s totally awesome and I can’t wait for the second book! Just read it, you’ll love it. 🙂


      • Hi Laura this is Reese from SunnySide Intermediate School I just finished Edge of extinction and I……LOVED IT!!!! I’m dieing to know when the second book is coming out and if Ivan really died😭 I’m so sad and I do not like cliff hangers..😞

        Liked by 1 person

      • Is there a way to get your books before Christmas? You came and spoke at my kid’s school, and they really want your books. There wasn’t a way to secretly order them without them knowing, and I’m trying to do so but it looks like they won’t be out until May. I only want 1 copy of each- any place I can buy them now?


      • Hi Monique!

        YES! You can get book one on Amazon Prime or through Barnes and Noble. If you would like a signed copy, I’m doing that through the 4kids bookstore on Michigan. Their number is(317) 733-8710. They have a bunch in stock, and you can just pop by and pick them up after I sign them! Book two doesn’t come out until May. SORRY!


  2. Hello Laura. I loved Edge of Extinction and can’t wait for the second book. But I’m a bit confused. I saw the cover on your homepage and thought that was book two, but amazon says it’s book one. It’s a different cover than the one I have and also a different title.
    I hope I can read book two soon and also other books by you.

    Regards from Tamara Geraeds, a writer from the Netherlands.


    • Hi Tamara!

      I’m so glad that you loved the book! The cover that you are seeing on my website is the US cover. The UK cover is quite a bit different! I don’t have a date yet for book two, but we are working on the cover now, and it’s going to be awesome! Thank you for reaching out to me. There is nothing cooler as a new author!


      • My son just received Edge of Extinction It’s Them or Us as a gift; we were expecting Edge of Extinction The Ark Plan – from reading this post, I am assuming they are one in the same end we somehow were gifted the UK cover? Looking forward to his starting this book soon…


      • Hi Jennifer,

        It does sound like you got the UK version! IT’s the only one out in paper back right now. The US version has illustrations that the UK version doesn’t, but other than that they are the same. Enjoy!


  3. My son, Alan (age 11) and I are thoroughly enjoying ‘Edge..’ and will anxiously await
    other book(s) in the series. Yep, it is kinda like Catniss meets Jurassic Park – but your characters are well developed and engaging. It’s a real page-turner so it is going fast . We hope that the Oaks villagers get freed, and the mystery of Lake Michigan get resolved before book 2! (Can’t wait that long..)


    • Hi Max!
      I’m so glad that you and your son enjoyed the book! Book two is in copy editing now, but I promise it resolves everything book one left hanging! Thank you so much for taking the time to contact me. As a first time author, I still get giddy when I hear that someone enjoyed my book. It’s pretty surreal. Thank you again!


  4. Hey Laura I really enjoyed your book it was a good mix of dinosaurs and hunger games this was a really good book it had me hooked from when I read the blurb this was a really good book and I really hope ther is more than just two books in the series try and add more flying dinosaurs please and quite possibly have one of them tame a larger dinosaur the verde that would be awesome just some useful info that I think will make your book even better than they are

    From Jarrod


    • Hi Jarrod!

      As of right now there are just two books planned (book two comes out next year!) However, I would LOVE to write a few more someday. The best way to help me make that happen is to spread the word that you enjoyed Edge of Extinction-The Ark Plan. NOTHING is more helpful to a new author than people talking about and recommending their book. Book two doesn’t have many flying dinosaurs (sorry!), but it does have a lot of the swimming variety! (Although, creatures like plesiosaurs weren’t actually considered dinosaurs…) As far as taming a larger dinosaur…well you’ll just have to read book two to find out about that! Thanks for reading my book and contacting me. I love hearing from readers!


  5. Dear Mrs. Martin
    I just finished reading your book, and it was amazing. I can’t wait for book two!!! I would like to be an author myself one day, so do you have any tips or pointers.


    • Hi Meghan!

      I need to put a post up with writing tips! Until then, I would say my best advice is to carve out writing time for yourself EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. Writing is just like anything else. The more you do it, the better you get at it. Also. Research the publishing world. I highly suggest literary agent Janet Reid’s two blogs. Find a writing group that will be honest with you, not just nice, and just never give up until it happens. I’m so glad you enjoyed my book! Book two is set to come out next year. Thank you for reaching out to me, it’s really fun to hear that someone liked my book! Good luck in your writing career! Let me know how it goes!


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    • Hi Ross!

      I’m glad you liked it! The mark of a good children’s book is if it can be enjoyed by adults, so your praise is particularly appreciated! Book two is set to come out in May, and I’ll be posting more details about that soon. As far as movie goes, gosh, wouldn’t that be amazing? I think every writer pictures their book being made into a movie, who we’d cast, what special effects would be used…so on and so fourth. Unfortunately only a small percentage actually see that become a reality. BUT if you ever bump into Steven Spielburg, feel free to slide him a copy of my book with a wink and a nudge! Thanks for taking the time to reach out!


  7. Dear Laura,

    My wife is a children’s librarian and brought your book home for our son who is in sixth grade. They read the first few chapters together.

    One night last week, it was my turn to read with him, and I picked up somewhere in the middle where the bookmark was. After reading a few chapters, he went to sleep and I had to start from the beginning to catch up. I ended up reading ahead and finished the book myself two days ago, but he and I are still reading together. We are loving it and excited to read book 2. I usually read only nonfiction for myself, so this was a fun read for me, and I love his reactions when we read together.

    Any idea of a time table for when that will be published and available? We can’t wait. Good luck on finishing up with it. I agree that it would make a great movie. We wish you continuing success in your writing career and my wife will recommend it to other families at the library.


    • Hi Frank,

      Book two is set to come out this May! It’s basically done on my end, and we are just waiting on some illustrations to get finishing touches. It’s going to be good! But…then again, I’m very biased on that point. I’m SO glad you and your son are enjoying it, but it makes my English teacher heart even happier to hear that a parent is reading aloud to their kid and sharing the language of books. It’s a huge gift you are giving your son. Bravo. I appreciate any recommendations your wife makes (I’m a VERY new author so word of mouth is a big deal), and if you have time to pop over to Amazon or Goodreads and leave a review I would be forever in your debt. Thank you for taking the time to stop by my website and leave a comment. They seriously make my day!


  8. Dear Laura
    Thank you for writing this book. I really enjoyed it and will tell my friends about it. I can’t wait for the next book to come out. I hope Ivan is still alive. From Teddy
    P.S It would make a great movie!


    • Thanks Teddy! I think so too, but then again, I’m biased! Thanks for letting me know that you enjoyed the book! It means a lot to me! PS. Book two is done…and I think you are going to LOVE it! 😉


    • Hi Jack,

      Book two is called Edge of Extinction-Code Name Flood. It’s coming out May 30. As far as what it’s about, it basically answers all the mysterious left unsolved in book one. You FINALLY find out what’s in Lake Michigan. I hope you enjoy it!


  9. Hi I loved your book it was the best in the world I am in 5th grade..anyway,I WANT TO READ THE SECOND BOOK!i love ❤️ what has been happening .i am worried that Ivan mite be dead or trapped by the marines because the marines war still fallowing them.


  10. Just popping in to let you know that we got a recommendation for your Edge of Extinction book from a family member. When I looked into it and read the description, I bought it and put it under the Christmas tree for my 9 year old daughter (who is very much into dinosaurs) We have been trying to read a chapter a night since about mid January and are almost done. We are loving the book and will definitely be passing more recommendations on and getting the next one as soon as possible. Nice work!


    • Hi Shae,

      I’m SO glad you’ve enjoyed my book! I love hearing that you and your daughter have been reading it together. There is nothing better than reading with your kids! Except maybe if you add some chocolate into that equation! Thank you so much for taking the time to pop over here and leave a comment, and another HUGE thank you for passing on the recommendation. There is nothing more powerful or helpful for a new author than the word-of-mouth recommendation. I hope you enjoy book two as much as you’ve enjoyed book one! Happy Reading!


  11. Hi Laura, I’m 9 and I love your books.
    Can you please 😊🐱😢 write an Edge of Extinction 3?
    I don’t expect anything specific, but if you write it, please make it as good as the other ones. 😶PLEASE! ☺️Please take this into consideration.
    Your greatest book fan,


    • Hi Daniela!

      I’d LOVE to write another one, but it’s not in the plans at the moment! (If my editor gave me the go-ahead though I’d start it TOMORROW. And, I promise, if I do write a third one I’ll make it just as good as the first two. Scouts honor. (I was never a scout, but if you don’t tell I won’t.) I’m so glad you enjoyed the books, and you should check out my newest book FLOAT! I think you’d enjoy that one too! (And keep an eye out for next year’s book. No dinosaurs. But the Loch Ness Monster is in there!)


  12. Hi Laura!
    I want to be a really famous author like you. I’ve written two novels already and am looking for publishing advice. Do you have any tips?
    Thanks 😀


  13. Hi Ms. Martin! I just finished reading Edge of Extinction: Code Name Flood, and I’m very happy and sad and angry. Happy because… Well, happy endings. XD Sad because UGH I CAN’T SAY CUZ SPOILERS but it RIPPED. ME. APART. Angry because WHY. WHY DID IT HAVE TO END? WHYYYYY?!?! Couldn’t there have been at least one more? At least? AHHH ENDINGS. NO. THEY MAKE ME SAD.

    Anyways, in short, Edge of Extinction was awesome and I didn’t want it to end. Can there be, like, a companion series about the new settlements or something? Or will there be more?

    By the way, I laughed at the German thing… XD My dad goes on a lot of international trips, and that resulted in him being able to ask where the toilet is in seven different languages. And that’s it.


  14. Dear Olivia,

    I am very sorry that it annoyed you. I promise that was never my intent. My book misleads no one. Current research shows that animals like Tilly (who was not a reptile, but a mammal by the way) are the ancestors of some of our current animals. That doesn’t mean I’m talking about evolution. I think God made our world, and its creatures adaptable, so that as time went on they could survive in changing environments. That doesn’t mean our world was created by evolution. It means we have an amazing creator who created a world that wouldn’t remain static. Please feel free to not read any more of my books. I’m no longer going to engage with you about this argument. You asked me a question. And I answered it. I’m sorry it wasn’t an answer you agreed with. Heaping misguided judgement onto someone about who they are and what they believe isn’t something Christians are called to do. Have a wonderful day.


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