UK Cover Reveal!


I’ve mentioned before that the UK cover for Edge of Extinction-The Ark Plan looks different than the US version. Right?

Well, in case you forgot, the US version is on the left and the UK is on the right.

Big difference right!?  In the UK it is actually marketed more towards the Young Adult crowd, but here in the states we market it as Middle Grade. Please don’t ask me why. The powers that be are MUCH smarter than I am about this kind of thing, and I’m smart enough to leave it in their capable hands.

I did a reveal of the new Edge of Extinction-Code Name Flood cover a few posts back, but I wanted to show you the new UK cover for Edge of Extinction- Code Name Flood! Warning…it’s scary!

What do you think?  I love that it captures the feeling of the original JAWS movie poster, and I think it’s neat that my book gets to wear a few different looks.

So which one do you like better? I’m curious?

Have you pre-ordered Edge of Extinction-Code Name Flood yet? Here’s the link!